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Tamia, our gifted new hairstylist, embodies a unique blend of both compassion and generosity in her craft behind the chair. A fervent fitness enthusiast and fashion aficionado you will remember her personal style. Tamia’s love for music infuses creativity into her work. With a passion for versatile transformations, Tamia is a master of lived-in looks, natural styling, and extension/wig looks that exude glamour.


Her journey into hairstyling traces back to cherished childhood memories of watching her mother work wonders with hair. This subconscious fascination evolved into a full-fledged commitment during her high school years, since then she has consistently honed her skills.


For Tamia, hair transcends mere aesthetics; it's an emotional attachment that holds immense significance. She takes pride in translating her clients' visions into reality, creating exquisite styles that reflect their inner desires. With a comforting and authentic approach, Tamia ensures her clients feel heard and understood, fostering an environment where positivity



Tamia's artistry isn't just about hair; it's a reflection of her dedication to making others feel their best, both inside and out. 


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