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Meet Morgan,  who finds joy in life's simple pleasures like watching sunsets, enjoying coffee & dinner dates, and most of all spending time with loved ones. Morgan is on a journey of self-improvement, aiming to be the best version of themselves and helping others look and feel great.

After trying the college route, Morgan realized a passion for doing hair and started cosmetology school in February 2022, becoming a licensed cosmetologist by July 2023. Behind the chair, Morgan loves working on brunettes, lived-in looks, and custom colors, bringing creativity to every client's style. Since April 2023, Morgan has been at Alchemy, a welcoming space filled with kindhearted people.

Having loved playing with hair since childhood, Morgan makes each appointment a positive experience. Whether you want a relaxing, quiet session or a chatty one, Morgan is there to make you feel your best.

Beyond the scissors and colors, Morgan sees being behind the chair as a way to help others. The goal is to create a safe space where everyone can leave looking and feeling fantastic.

Step into Morgan's world, where passion for hair meets a genuine desire to make a difference in people's lives—one appointment at a time.


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