Finding Alchemy Color Lab rather quickly after graduation; Vega knew, as an education based salon, this was the right fit for her. She hit the ground running and has quickly grown to be a sought after Lead Artist. Vega is a creative, hard working, and goal-oriented individual who prides herself on making her guests happy.

Vega brings a fearless approach to her chair. She dove right in to become familiar with all textures of hair and is our resident curl specialist. Curly Aircut Certifed Vega shares that this cut will have your curls bouncing like never before. Beyond curls Vega has a love for redheads and the eye for extensions.


Outside of the salon, Vega and her family have opened a brand new bakery, Clementine’s Pastries, in Mount Clemens. So if you have a sweet tooth, she’s your girl.

Fun Facts
•Disney lover
•Loves thrifting with an iced coffee in hand
• 🐶 Uma & Nala   🐱 Flash




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