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Elizabeth grew up in a small town in central Michigan surrounded by farmland for miles. Growing up there she always knew she wanted to move somewhere bigger, to explore more and learn new things. Her love for her art came with her first set of highlights from mom at six years old. Quickly becoming obsessed with all things beauty, she was hooked.  


With Elizabeth’s career starting out quite young, she has accumulated 12 years under her belt. An educator in both schools and in salon, her passion lies in both creating and painting every color possible on someone’s head. Elizabeth likes each guest to leave with a piece of art she custom created for them.


While you’re in her chair, don’t be surprised if you enter a full blown chemistry lesson. She finds it important for you to feel fantastic and comfortable. Sharing the knowledge helps her guests understand the process and know that she is really taking care of you while transforming your look! 


Outside of the salon you will find her painting murals, gardening, or loving on her new baby Violet! 


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