It took Jacqueline years of searching for what it is that springs her soul. Now she is here and ready to make that magic happen. Jacqueline has always had a passion for art, beauty, and people, so she’s a natural in the industry.

After countless courses and classes at college she wouldn't waste another second doing anything but what her heart was longing for. Without hesitation, she turned to what she knew was right, beauty school. She has never looked back.


Never afraid to ask questions or "pick your brain." Learning and expanding her knowledge is what really pushes her to be the Artist she is today. Alchemy's safe space allows not only our Artists to be their true selves, but also guests can enjoy the comfortable atmosphere which is so rare and special to find here. 


Forming relationships and having connections

with people is a huge part of why Jaqueline loves being behind the chair. Her strong suites include making others smile and being the funny friend of the group. If you're ever looking for a shoulder to lean on or a boost in your mood, she's your girl.Jacqueline looks to specialize in blonding,

balayage, and lived-in/low maintenance looks. Outside of the salon you will find her

spending a lot of time with her himalayan kitty

Meeko, hangin' with her family, or binge watching her newest favorite Netflix show.



•Completely a cat mom

•Fascinated by astrology

•Oldest sis in the bunch, out of 6 siblings!



Level 1 ARTIST

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