Hanna is an Artist at heart so it was no surprise she found herself in the beauty industry. As a child she was constantly digging through mom’s hair products and changing her appearance on how she was feeling in the moment. Hanna loves to express herself and you can feel her energy shine through. She wants everyone to know how important it is to be yourself!

 Upbeat and personable, Hanna wants every guest to feel like they are leaving the salon the most elevated versions of themselves. She meets guests where they are at and wants to curate a routine that suits each individuals lifestyle. Hanna understands the impact a 'good hair day' can have and strives to make every day that special. She loves working with curly hair, making sure each curl is treated with respect. Also doing things completely outside of the box like vivids or major cuts. 
Hanna loves spending time with her two kittens Blanche and Mable. In her past life she was once a chef, now always finding new recipes on Pinterest to try out. Creativity is what drives her so in her down time she can be found painting and drawing in her backyard.

Fun facts:
-Music junky and loves all genres
-Plant parent with over 50 sprawled all over her house
-Lived in the Sierras for 6 months with no car and hiked everywhere!




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