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Julie always seems to have a smile on her face and a forward look at the positive side of things.  An energy she brings to all aspects life. You can find her dancing and singing to whatever is playing on the radio or in the salon that day. At one point she worked as a professional dancer on a cruise line. Any type of art form fuels Julie's passion and drive so the love for hair started as a young dancer, while getting ready for shows. This interest and passion continued to grow within the theatre world when Julie hit an unexpected bump in the road, cancer. 


As Julie experienced the hair loss, she realized how important hair can be when we look at ourselves. Turning her hardship into a career, she joined cosmetology school. Julie joined our team while still in school and has worked hard to take on her own chair. Julie loves working with all textures of hair and our signature blowout is in her back pocket. If you simply want to feel pretty, a special day, or are ready for a major  change? Follow her along on her journey as an Artist here Alchemy Color Lab 


Fun facts

1. Cats named after Hocus Pocus 

2. Considers herself a professional diy-er

3. Frequent karaoke cheerleader



Level 1 ARTIST

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