Always guided by her intuition, Autumn’s passion for education in the beauty industry lead her to spend 10 of her 16 years in the business creating out of state.  In bustling Brooklyn NYC, she loved cutting and sculpting hair of all types (bring it on, curly peeps!) and later painted her way through sunshiny days serving the beach blonde and brunette babes of San Diego.  If you like to experiment with styling or have an event you’d like to look ‘extra’ for, she’s your go-to.  She truly believes transformation on the inside and out directly relate; consequently, working with hair also sprouted a passion for personal development tactics.  Your customized hairstyle and her energy will inspire you to come back for more reasons than one!




Fun Facts:


1.      Loves Scottish Rock Bands

2.      Can’t tell a lie

3.       Sucker for a good relish tray (give me ALL things pickled!)

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