Austin would be described as fun, loving and as a charismatic human being. His energy has reach and often fills the room. He has a passion for extensions and a love for blonding. Willing to take on challenges as they appear and take the time to work with guests to find a solution.


Austin spends most of his time outside of work with his partner, Max, and their dog, Ralph. His journey began at a salon in downtown Ann Arbor, where he still currently lives. Noticing he needed more practice with haircuts. He focused his career specifically on cutting for a year, before coming to Alchemy Color Lab for their superb education and focus on hair color. Don’t let the chill vibes fool you Austin will never say no to any type of coffee. Yes, even the non-traditional flavors!


Fun Facts

1. Love vintage fashion

2. Loves to 3D print

3. Wants to explore the world one trip at a time



Level 1 ARTIST

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