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Coming to us from a mentorship under her mother. Ivy bring a skill set that uses both traditional and modern techniques. She feels the most in her element when creating dimensional brunettes and modern blondes. 


A  natural leader in the salon, Sam has earned her title as Master Artist. After nearly a decade behind the chair, the gift of gab comes naturally with this one. 


Forming relationships and having connections with people is a huge part of why Jaqueline loves being behind the chair. Her strong suites include making others smile and being the funny friend of the group


Over the last 5 years, Kelsey has not only come to love the creative aspect of this industry, but the chemistry that goes into her craft and the connections we build behind the chair.

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Carli is always the one to make us laugh in the salon, she keeps things light and airy at all times. Joining us just last year she has quickly made a name for herself here in Metro Detroit for both blonding and extensions. 

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Chelsea is our motorcycle riding fashionista hockey mom with the biggest smile in the room. With over 10 years in the hair industry working in Metro Detroit's top salons, Chelsea has curated a well rounded style of her own. She believes in building relationships through the sessions in her chair and constantly growing her craft to the next level year after year.


Vega hit the ground running and has quickly grown to be a sought after Lead Artist. Vega is a creative, hard working, and goal-oriented individual who prides herself on making her guests happy.

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AERYN @thealchemist_ro

Salon Director / Owner  


NIK @the.mane.artist

Master Artist / Owner 

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